An introduction to gay outdoors holidays and vacations

Hiking and Rock Climbing

A guide for gay men and lesbians looking for vacations and holidays in the great outdoors

   Hiking and Walking  

Hiking FAQ page. Primarily for those who haven't done a full week of hiking before, but would like to try. 

Hiking trips. Hiking and walking vacations with a gay group in Switzerland or Italy.

Compass use. Whether you're setting out alone or with a group such as ours, this and the next page will help you find your way.

Route-finding advice for hikers and walkers. Don't spend your holiday lost!

Glaciers. These "rivers of ice" may at first appear to be an obstacle for hikers, but can be a fascinating destination in themselves.

   Rock Climbing and Mountaineering  

Rock climbing FAQ page. Primarily for newer rock climbers, but others are also likely to learn something here.

Climbing Ropes FAQ page. Climbing ropes generate more questions, and more misinformation, than any other piece of climbing equipment.

Rock climbing and mountaineering trips. For a truly different holiday, join a gay and lesbian group to climb Wyoming's Grand Teton (both beginners and experienced climbers will enjoy this), or the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

(Compass, route-finding, and glacier information for hikers, above, will also be useful for climbers)

This site is sponsored by Alyson Adventures, which specializes in hiking, walking, rock climbing, biking, and other outdoors holidays for gay men and lesbians. Our gay holiday guide lists all our destinations.

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